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Overcoming the Challenges in Automobile Accident Cases

Each vehicular accident presents unique challenges. For example, insurance coverage for tractors, trailers and motorcycles is different than insurance for the typical automobile. In some cases with “big rig” accidents, there may be opportunities to increase the amount of available coverage to compensate the injured party through, for example, coverage for the owner, the tractor, and/or the trailer. If there is no insurance for the party who injured you, or if the responsible driver is even unknown, you are entitled to seek protection through your own insurance company under the uninsured motorist provisions. If your damages exceed your policy limits, contact an experienced attorney like Michael Salasky. He’ll let you know all of your options and how to proceed. 

Other challenges often arise in vehicular accidents such as who is at fault. It’s not uncommon for both the defendant driver and/or his insurance company to allege that you yourself contributed to the happening of the accident. Attorney Michael Salasky conducts an investigation of the vehicular accident, including speaking with witnesses, talking with law enforcement, reviewing physical damage, and obtaining accident-scene photos. Additionally, he has deep experience with and knowledge of the “rules of the road” and traffic laws. The ultimate goal is to prove legal negligence on the part of the adverse driver, and to prove each and every element of loss and/or damage inflicted upon the innocent party.

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Compensation in Vehicular Accidents

Compensatory damages in the usual case can include current and future medical expenses, lost earnings and loss of earning capacity, emotional distress, property damage, permanent or partial injury, pain and suffering and other losses. Attorney Michael Salasky knows how to value your case. In wrongful death cases, damages are a little bit different they are defined by statute. In such cases, Attorney Salasky provides professional and zealous representation to ensure that family members are fairly compensated for mental anguish, loss of companionship, cost of funeral expenses, loss of expected income and other items of loss. 

If you or a loved one has suffered from a vehicular accident, call attorney Michael Salasky for excellent and reliable legal representation.

Automobile Accidents

It’s dangerous out there on the roads! Not everyone chooses to follow the rules, which means that people will inevitably be hurt. The majority of injury cases arise through automobile accidents, and Mr. Salasky has over 35 years of experience with such cases. The traffic code contains “rules of the road” that set out the required safety standards for the safe operation of an automobile. In the typical injury case, the claim arises out of someone violating one or more of these rules.

A common ploy of insurance companies is to allege that the injured party himself also violated one of the “rules of the road” and is therefore barred from making a recovery. Therefore, an attorney working in this area of the law must be quite knowledgeable about the application of these rules. The other issue in injury cases is the degree or extent of injury. It is important to be alert to this issue because legal compensation is proportional to the injury– if the injured party inadvertently “understates” his injury, then the corresponding compensation will be too low.

Mr. Salasky has had extensive experience over the years with such cases and is available for consultation.

Automobile Accidents